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Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 6 pm Pacific - In pre-modern England, a Jewish lesbian invokes a curse on her unfaithful lover Gittel's marriage to a man. The curse results in the serial possession of 33 generations of Gittel's female descendants by a rambunctious female dybbuk. The novel describes what happens when the dybbuk takes possession of Rainbow Rosenbloom, a modern-day Jewish lesbian living in London and the ninth generation of Gittel's offspring. A woman dybbuk!? Could such a thing exist? Jewish lesbians? Oh, my G-d! What would S. An-sky, author of the play The Dybbuk, have made of THIS one? Jewish feminist writer Ellen Galford's funny, perceptive and irreverent novel skewers Jewish orthodoxy, completely re-imagining the folk myth of spiritual displacement by a male dybbuk of his dissociated female host. Ready for an exorcism, anyone?


A free download of the book is available here:

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And please read Items 1 & 2 for our discussion! Item 1 compares The Dyke and the Dybbuk to other brilliantly creative feminist novels that re-make the dybbuk theme. Item 2 interprets the new Wonder Woman movie, WW84, as a play on the dybbuk theme. Other items are added below for your interest.

Item 1.

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Item 2.

Item 3.

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Item 4.

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